Last Stop of Our Book Blog Tour

| March 15, 2013

Please stop by to visit
Marguerita McManus and her
selection of quilting and sewing videos.


Marguerita selects videos with tips and valuable information;
I’m certain you’ll want to visit this site often.

Thanks for including 3 of our videos Marguerita!

Learn Quilting Basics (and more) at Sew A Quilt

| October 24, 2012

If you are new to quilting, or if you want to learn to quilt…
Gloria Massard has a wonderful website just for you!

Gloria provides pages and pages of information for the new and beginning quilter.

She covers quilting basics, fabric tips, supplies, terms, etc.
Just about everything a newbie needs to know to successfully complete a quilt
is covered within the pages of this exceptional site.

She is expanding her site to include a quilter’s forum, free quilt block patterns,
and more! I know you’ll want to hop on over to visit her site!


Why quilts matter and words are powerful tools…you won’t want to miss the videos!

| April 19, 2012

Why quilts matter?

Have you even thought about that? 
I suppose being around a quilter for so long has finally worn off onto someone
who decided to research just that!

I finally talked DH into putting up his own blog!

I hope you’ll take a moment to drop by to visit and let him know you’ve been there.

He’s the one behind our Vaca Vista Videos.

And…you guessed it…this blog is called “Vaca Vista Video“!

The blog isn’t just about our videos, but he has some wonderful videos he’s
put up there with insightful posts to go along with them.

One of the videos is titled, “Why Quilts Matter“. If you want to know
the answer just visit the blog!

While you are there, please scroll to the bottom of the page
and click the “older posts” link to the next page to watch
the video in the post “Shangri-la…words are powerful tools

I promise you it will brighten your day! 

I could give you the direct link, but then you would miss seeing
how much work he has already put into the blog and all
the colorful images.

Please don’t forget to comment!

New ezine for quilters, win a free subscription!

| December 8, 2010

The Quilt Pattern Magazine

Check out this new quilt ezine at The premier issue begins in January. You won’t want to miss an issue! When you’ve visited the site come on back and leave a comment about it! You may be a winner. One comment will be chosen from this blog on January 1! Each of the bloggers on the tour offer an opportunity to win a one year subscription to the magazine!! Check out the tour for more chances to win!

Beginning December 3rd and running through December 31st, the quilting blog community will each take a day to host news about The Quilt Pattern Magazine.

Just take a peek at the new fun filled magazine and stop back by to leave a comment. You’ll be in the running with a chance to win a one year subscription.

You can print and file the portions of the magazine you wish to keep.

You can easily organize all the articles and patterns in a binder.

You get more patternsfor your money.

You will have instant access to the magazine hot off the press. No waiting for the mail to arrive.

My recipe in the new Quilter’s Cookbook! Imagine that!

| December 7, 2010

Did you order a cookbook from Quilting Gallery last year? If not, order this year’s edition. Hurry to pre-order and the cost is only $8. You can’t buy a cookbook for $8! I submitted one of my families favorites, Skillet Balls! They are coconut covered candies you just pop into your mouth.

In addition to the recipes, submissions included a quilt photo and a story about the quilt. I know you’ll enjoy reading about quilts, not to mention the good food you can create!

Click on the cookbook graphic and you’ll be set to order
and find out more info about the cookbook.

Quilter's Cookbook - Holiday Traditions

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