Does your child read digitally?

| October 7, 2012

You know how you can’t live without your cell phone now?

Well, the kids of today feel the same way,
and they are reading books more in digital format.

The local rural school system in our area has had MAC laptops
for high schoolers for a couple of years. They have now added  iPads for the lower grades.

All their books are digital and homework is done using the laptop/iPad
and turned in digitally.

E-readers are all the rage for kids of today. They hardly realize
they are reading, so it’s a good thing!

In keeping with the digital theme, we have 4 new children’s ebooks.

The short video we’re sharing today is about a different kind of seed planter.

The story is written in a parable format
so children can understand the theme in today’s terminology.

It’s a fun little book filled with cute graphics and talking scarecrows.
It is intended to help your child or grandchild
learn about planting a different kind of seed.

I’ll put up very short videos of each of the books beginning with Seed Planters:

Kick Back and Read An ebook

| September 22, 2012

Because I’ve been writing and illustrating children’s e-books lately,
I was looking for a photo
of a child reading a book via an e-reader.
 came across this image on a free images website. 

It wasn’t exactly like this image.
I took out the stone tablet and stuck in a pseudo one.

This is the short url to a page listing all our books. 

More and more quilt patterns are beginning to appear on e-readers.

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