1000 quilters downloaded this free pattern!

| December 1, 2011

This is a fun post.

1000 quilters have downloaded this free continuous line stitching pattern!

I’ve been watching the numbers creep up, and today was the day to reach 1000.

I sent the quilter an email and two free patterns!

If you don’t know about our free patterns, they are at:


Another free pattern!

| November 27, 2011

Here’s another free pattern!

This is a continuous stitching pattern that can also be used for a block.
I like to call these patterns “print and tape pantos”. 
Just print it off and tape the edges together to make it as long as you need. 

The pdf file (with three different sizes) is located on our pattern website:

Yes, it’s another free pattern!

| June 8, 2010

Here is another freebie for you!

This continuous line block is titled, Snowflake, but you don’t really have to think of it as a snowflake!

You can pick it up for free by visiting my pattern website www.patterns2quilt.com!

The pattern is 6.9″ x 6.9″ and is given to you as a pdf file.

Free quilt stitching pattern!

| March 4, 2010

My Starburst pattern is a continuous line stitching pattern for a block. Size is 6.5″ x 5.8″.

You can pick it up at my pattern website:  www.patterns2quilt.com.

Free Lovebird Cottage stitching block

| January 8, 2010

This free stitching block called, Lovebird Cottage might look sweet stitched into a block of your Valentine’s Day quilt. It should be an easy block design to follow. It is a continuous line pattern with no overlapping lines;  if you look at it closely I think you’ll find it to be a simple block to complete.

The size is 7″ x 6.2″.

If you would like the free pattern it is located on my patterns website: www.patterns2quilt.com.

I also added the free (full length of 120″) pattern for “Sprinkles”. www.patterns2quilt.com

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