Just Say Hi! – our new children’s book

| January 4, 2014

You know how it is…you like to quilt and also like to be creative in other areas.

This is our latest children’s book (for quilter’s children & grandchildren).

It was so much fun to put together, I’m making it into a book app!

It will have animation, sounds, narration and fun things to click and play!

The print book is available now
and the book app will be available within the next few months.



Happy Quilting & reading. :)

Our New Book Is Available!

| July 27, 2013

This isn’t a quilting book, but one for quilters children and grandchildren!


Available in both eBook and print.

Smart Apples? Who Would Have Guessed!

| October 14, 2012

Here is the cute video of another of our children’s ebooks.

The apple tree and the snake begin a discussion when all
of a sudden the apples begin to fall from the tree. One of the apples
falls near enough to the snake to hear what’s going on and
becomes involved in the conversation.

Even a blue bird puts in his two cents worth.

This is a children’s book with a message.

Kick Back and Read An ebook

| September 22, 2012

Because I’ve been writing and illustrating children’s e-books lately,
I was looking for a photo
of a child reading a book via an e-reader.
 came across this image on a free images website. 

It wasn’t exactly like this image.
I took out the stone tablet and stuck in a pseudo one.

This is the short url to a page listing all our books.

More and more quilt patterns are beginning to appear on e-readers.

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