The Applique Society

| March 21, 2009

taslogo-1-revised-color-use-thisIf you enjoy appliqué, then you’ll love the Applique Society website. Their mission is “to promote, to teach, and to encourage the love of all types of appliqué in quilting”.

 The website offers free patterns, information about lost quilts, links, news, show and share, cruises and retreats, appliqué info, events and so much more. By the way, they have a Hawaii retreat scheduled. Check it out.

 Hawaii — October 7th – October 14th, 2009

What does Aloha and Appliqué have in common?

It is The Appliqué Society’s 2009 Hawaiian Retreat!

If you’re interested in joining the society or simply to learn more about applique, you’re only a click away. Members wishing to express their willingness to teach are placed on a Resource List; guilds looking for appliqué teachers just need to click on to find appliqué teachers willing to travel and share their knowledge with your group. 

Cotton Spice Reviews Our Blog

| March 18, 2009

mar091A big shout out and thanks to Karen Gass, editor of Cotton Spice Magazine for honoring this blog with the first ever Cotton Spice Best New Blog Award!

 If you aren’t familiar with Cotton Spice web quilting magazine, now is the time to check it out and  learn about the latest techniques, news, patterns, projects, challenges, contests, blogs and just about anything you ever wanted to know about quilting. Each issue is filled to the brim with wonderful stories and creative presentations.

If you’ll read the first fifty-six pages and then slide down to page fifty-seven you’ll see the wonderful review of our Quilts and Thoughts. . . blog. Thanks Karen! 

And, don’t forget to visit them often; something fun is always happening at Cotton Spice.

Free Print and Tape Pantos

| March 7, 2009

With a little paper, scissors, and tape in no time you’ll be using one of these budget- busting pantos.

Each of these repeats is approximately nine inches in width and five inches in height. Just print them on your printer, tape the ends together (where the repeats touch) and continue to tape until you’ve reached the desired length.

If you would like them larger:

At 170% Dizzy Clovers would be 16.5”  x 8.5”. One repeat will fit on a 17” x 11” paper.

At 180% Sprinkles and Southern lights would be 16.25” x 9”. One repeat will fit on a 17” x 11” paper.

If you would like them smaller:

At 60% they would be approximately 6” x 3”. Make two copies this size, cut them and put both of them on one page and print more.

Just click HERE to go to the free patterns. More free patterns are located at my website:…take a look!


What would you do with an old quilt?

| March 1, 2009

jacketweb11What would you do with an old quilt? No one really wants to cut up a quilt; but the smaller pieces can be turned into just about anything from ornaments to coasters or bags or oodles of other things.

Recently, at the end of a lecture I presented to a quilt guild I asked if there were any questions. A quilter held up her hand and the first question asked was, “where did you get your jacket”. I had just presented information on how to use a computer as a quilting aid and several ways to expand a quilter’s concept of computer uses within their homes and communities, yet, the most important thing on her mind was my jacket. Right on!

I began the story of the jacket by asking if any in the group had heard of “First Monday”. (more…)

Quilters and their poetry…

| March 1, 2009

Our video quilting poems anthology continues to grow with the addition of  “A Quilter’s Tear” video to our multimedia player. This new video continues in the tradition of the “Tears in the Trees” and “If Only” also located in the multimedia player. Come join us as we exploring the relationship between quilts, technology, quilters, and their poetry.

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