Not a pressing problem

| February 14, 2009

The room was abuzz and all the workshop attendees wanted one. This was not the first time members of the group had adapted products to meet quilters needs. Several of the group had small folding tables, even tv trays which were used as ironing boards. The tables were complete with small Hobbico custom sealing irons, the perfect size for workshop travel bags. But this day they were all interested in Anne’s innovation, the strip stick.


Rather than tell you about it, I’ve asked Anne a few questions.

 What is your quilting background?  I have been sewing most of my life.  I have been a member of the local quilt guild for several years and am currently working on my fifth quilt. Since I’ve been interested in quilting for at least ten years, I’ve learned a lot from other quilters and have taken quite a few classes. (more…)

Tears in the Trees now showing in the multimedia player

| February 14, 2009

redtreesIf you’ve visited the multimedia page on this blog recently you may have noticed a new category, poetry. If you’ve never visited the multimedia page and accessed the player I urge you to click on the Multimedia Player on the horizontal bar beneath the banner. The Music category holds mp3 files which you may access while you visit any of the blog pages. Movies about quilting or interests of quilters may be found under the category Movies and likewise for the new category, Poetry.

Below is a quilter’s husband’s explanation of the inspiration for his movie, Tears in the Trees. I hope you’ll enjoy this one as well as others he has produced; they reside in the movies category.

His thoughts:

Quilters like poets, authors, composers, painters, and others artists have an intrinsic need to create. Not only do they create, inspire, and reveal but also bring comfort and security to the people they love. We all need our security blanket or quilt. What can be more comforting the wrapping oneself around a quilt that brings both physical and emotional warmth.

In the poem The Leaves, the poet makes a metaphorical reference about leaves that evoke the same emotion.

The North Wind is calling, is calling,
And we must whirl round and round,
And then, when our dancing is ended,
We’ll make a warm quilt for the ground. (more…)

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